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Day Trip to Banff National Park

Day Trip to Banff National Park

A selection of the photos from the trip

In our house things are not always going as we planned them. There’s often something that gets in a way of our grand plans for a day trip. It can be a laundry list of things that need to be done in the house or in the garden. Sometimes it's a simple thing of making a choice where to go - Banff? Kananaskis? Or maybe Waterton?

All that happens until you have a guest in your house who has only one day in the city. All of a the sudden all the travel plans got super clear and we decided to show her some iconic places in the Banff National Park.

Before we jump into the day trip story, let us introduce you to our "old" Ukrainian friend from Montreal - Anya (red haired gal in the pictures). She was attending a conference in UofC and we had only one free day in her busy schedule for this trip. She loves nature and Banff National Park visit was in her bucket list.

Here's what we planned for one day:

As you can see there are plenty of places in the list to visit. We made it to all of them, yay!

On our way to Banff National Park, we stopped for a short pitstop at Dead Man's Flats before we got to the Cascade Ponds. It's a nice gas station/diner/motel place where you can stretch your legs, get to the washroom, grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich before you continue your trip to the park. You can't miss it, there's a huge Canadian flag at the entrance.

After our short stop it was a nice ride to our first stop in the list - Cascade Ponds. We were lucky and this time Cascade Ponds were full of water (a rare thing for a last couple of years). Anya was having a great time running around and photographing ponds and surroundings.

Right after that we moved further the road towards Lake Minnewanka and found out that Johnson Lake was open for local traffic. Again, very rare event for those who live here. This lake was closed for local traffic for a couple of years due to some fish disease. We were happy to see road opened and we drove all the way to the parking lot at Johnson Lake. We spent some time taking photos on the bridge at the lake shore and decided to move forward to our next stop - Two Jack Lake.

The Two Jack Lake has a lot to offer for a photographer. We photographed a lot of happy couples here. After normal selfies and jumping on the rocks we were just looking at the mountains reflection in water, chilling and watching peddle boarders. It is such a great place to bring your family and have a day at the lake or a picnic.

After Two Jack Lake we drove to Lake Minnewanka. It was packed with tourist buses and tons of people walking on its shores. After a brief discussion, we decided to take all the pictures from the car while driving by and went to Town of Banff.

We love Town of Banff. Its cute streets and one-two story old buildings has its own vibe that is so unique for this town. It's always packed with tourists, so it wan't exception this time as well. We were walking the streets, doing some window shopping, taking in the spring sun and all the beauty surrounding us. We found a great lunch place with an awesome variety of artisan sandwiches and soups - Wild Flour Bakery. Their combo: soup and sandwich is to die for! Highly recommend them.

We stopped briefly at the Fairmont Banff Springs to take a picture of its castle-like building. On our way out from the town we stoped for another "must have photo" - a Town of Banff sign picture.

Our last stop was at Lake Louise. It was a sunny, warm day and the lake was only partially covered in ice (it’s end of May, just for the record lol). The turquoise color of the water was absolutely majestic and attracted a lot of tourists who planted themselves at the entrance to the lake.

We took our time sitting on a deck looking at the lake and ice field, admiring the view and taking pictures. Did I mention that it was a super warm and sunny day? Right. The views of the lake were absolutely gorgeous. We decided to take a short hike along the lake shore and to check out the blue ice up close. Well, close-ish. We all had tons of fun, photographing every turn of the path.

The day went fast and after a while, we got back to our car. We had some hot tea with snacks and got back to Calgary.

It's always fun to visit these places in the Banff National Park, but it's even more fun to share those great moments with your friends.

P.S. We had a hard time narrowing down all the pictures from this day trip. Here's a selection of them. Enjoy!

Lac des Arcs View
Photographing Cascade Ponds
A Mountain View from Cascade Ponds
A Portrait of a Girl on The Bridge
A Selfie at Two Jack Lake
Wide Angle Portrait at Two Jack Lake
Walking the Streets of Town of Banff
Mountain View at Lake Louise in Spring
A Stroll Along the Shore of Lake Louise
Mountain Reflection in the Lake
A Portrait of a Girl on the Rock at Lake Louise
Canadian Flag at Dead Man's Flats
A Portrait at Cascade Ponds
Mountains Shot From a Bridge at Cascade Ponds
Having Fun on the Bridge at Johnson Lake
Another View for a Selfie at Two Jack Lake
Walk on the Streets of Town Of Banff
Entrance Sign to Town Of Banff
Taking Photos of the Lake and Mountains
Taking Photos of the Lake during Spring
A Reflection of the Hikers
Sunny Day Portrait at Lake Louise
Sunny Day For a Picture of a Canadian Flag
A Stroll on Cascade Ponds Bridge
Cascade Ponds View in Spring
Walking at the Johnson Lake
Jumping on the Rocks at Two Jack Lake
Walking on Bear Street in Town Of Banff
Entrance to Lake Louise
A View on Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
A Portrait at the Lake Louise
Walking at the Shore of the Lake
Sunset at Lake Louise
Mountains View at Dead Man's Flats
Cascade Ponds Bridge View
Clouds Reflection at Cascade Ponds
Two Jack Lake in Spring
Capturing Mountains View at Two Jack Lake
Flag Reflection in Town Of Banff
A View to Lake Louise from the Entrance
Lifestyle Portrait of a Girl at Lake Louise
Strolling Along the Shore of the Lake
Jumping on the Rocks at Lake Louise
Warming Up at Lake Louise