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Confederation Park Calgary

Summer Engagement Photos at Confederation Park

Confederation Park Calgary

It's great to have this wonderful oasis in the inner city that helps us to experience nature and get away from noise and rush for a short while. It's a perfect location for your engagement and lifestyle photos. Calgary wedding photographers also like to create portraits for their newlyweds in this park.

The Confederation Park was created from a wasteland with a stream running through the North Hill Coulee.

The smart design transformed a non-descript landscape into an all-season beautiful park. Manicured lawns and mature trees make Confederation park an ideal spot for reading a book under the shade of a tree on a beautiful sunny day in a warmer season.

It is an excellent park for having your lifestyle photos, recreational biking, running, cross-country skiing, a picnic, or walking your pooch.

We have a selection of photos taken in this beautiful location.

How to Get to the Park

Confederation Park is located between Rosemont and Mt Pleasant city communities and divided by 10th St NW.

It's a smooth 10-15 minutes drive up north of the city from the west side of the downtown core. There are two parking lots on both sides of 10th St NW.

Park History

The Park was thought of as a significant initiative to celebrate Canadian Centennial in 1967 in Calgary. Funds were raised so that the transformation of coulee into a park had been possible. One of the influencers was a prominent Parks Superintendant, Harry Boothman. His envisioning and an idea that "parks are for people" transformed the approach to designing city green spaces and Confederation park in particular.

The Park was formed to be a place for activities and outdoor experiences, with emphasis on nature and environment and not on ornamental features, as was usually done before that.

Bird Watching in the Park

Stream and wetland running through the Park provide habitat for many birds, so bird watchers can spend many happy hours there looking at geese, gulls and ducks.

Wildlife and Trees in the Park

Muskrats, butterflies and dragonflies add to the wildlife found in Confederation Park. Water-loving trees such as willows, balsam poplars and birches are happily thriving in the Park. On drier patches, you'll see larches, spruces and ashes.

Outdoor Activities in the Park

There's a golf course that is closed to the general public in summer, but in winter there are maintained cross-country trails. Park also features tennis courts and baseball diamond, playground and washroom open year-round.

Rosemont Community Association is maintaining an outdoor skating rink for all park visitors to enjoy.

Confederation Park Lights

Another annual winter attraction is the Lions Festival of Lights in December and early January daily from 6 p.m. to midnight. Don't miss it out! It's nice to stroll around and see the lights, music is playing, and you can toboggan with the family from the hill.

Get Your Engagement and Lifestyle Photos in the Park

The close proximity to the downtown and ease of access make this park a perfect location for your lifestyle and engagement photos.

Contact us to get your engagement and lifestyle session scheduled with us!

Bride and groom walking in the park
Summer Engagement Photos at Confederation Park