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St. Patrick's Bridge Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos on George C. King Bridge (aka St. Patrick's Bridge)

Ideas for Engagement Photos in Downtown Calgary

Downtown Calgary has multiple places with great views on surrounding areas.

We really like a fresh view of the revitalized St. Patrick's Island Park that you can get to by crossing the Bow River over the George C. King Bridge (also known as St. Patrick's Bridge).

Downtown Calgary Photo Locations

Both, St. Patrick's Island Park and George C. King Bridge, are perfect places for engaged couples who want to add some cityscapes and urban vibe to their engagement photos.

How to Get to the George C. King Bridge

The new bridge connects East Village to neighbourhoods north of the Bow River. It's nice to walk on the Riverwalk, and as it's conveniently located with city hall C-Train stop close by, you can come without a vehicle. Take a stroll on the Riverwalk or downtown is just a few minutes away, or maybe take a bike out and venture further across the bridge into nearby neighbourhoods - Kensington, Sunnyside and Bridgeland have lots to offer. There are gorgeous views of the city, particularly in the evening.

The Bridge as Part of Modern History of Calgary

George C. King Bridge was built and opened in October 2014 by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) as part of the broader redevelopment of the East Village neighbourhood and infrastructure improvements for Calgary's Rivers District. Formerly St. Patrick's Bridge, the new pedestrian bridge is named after Calgary's second mayor.

It took five years to build the bridge - longer than planned, as the almost assembled deck was cracked by infamous 2013 floods when the bridge supports were washed away, adding a year to the construction period. An interesting fact that the final bridge design was chosen out of 33 international concepts with the help of Calgary citizens that provided their vision on how they wanted their bridge to look like. The winning design was by French architects and is called "skipping stone bridge", resembling a stone skipping across the river.

Get Your Engagement Photos Done on the Bridge

We photographed many happy couples on and around George C. King Bridge. It's a perfect place for those couples who love the modern history of our city and would like to have their engagement photos taken on this bridge.

We have a selection of the photos we have captured photographing happy couples on George C. King Bridge.

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