Let me start off by saying that my finacé and I have never much cared for getting our photos taken, but Olena and Sergiy made our engagement photo session a breeze. There was so much laughter it would have been impossible not to have a great time! If you are looking for a photographer, I highly recommend this duo - the two make a perfect pair and an even more amazing team; they are professional, knowledgeable and incredibly talented. 

The first time we met Olena was at the Bridal Gala in Red Deer near the beginning of 2016. She was informative, easy-going, and most of all, passionate about photography. My fiancé and I were casually looking through the wide variety of stunning engagement and wedding albums displayed beautifully along the tables. As we were flipping through the pages, Olena came by (with her breathtaking accent!) and non-chalantly started talking to us about our upcoming wedding plans - she was easy to talk to, friendly and warm-hearted. A few days or weeks passed after the gala, and I received an e-mail from The 38 Photography. Curious, I opened it up to find that we had won their free engagement photo session! Whoo-hoo! We were so excited, we could hardly wait! It was no surprise that upon meeting Sergiy, the day of our engagement shoot, he matched the personality of Olena completely - making them a flawless, in sync team. 

We are now proud owners of a gorgeous engagement album and cannot wait for what our wedding day brings with these two by our sides. All we know is that we honestly couldn't imagine anyone else taking our photos but The 38 Photography.

Malorie & Bret