It was one of those days when one decides to go and do a portrait session. Olena got her camera bag and a bit later was photographing handsome Umar in the core of Calgary downtown -  for it was a truly outstanding warm day in March, just perfect for being outdoor.

She asked Umar several questions so we get to know the person on the pictures.

Q: Hey Umar! Could you tell me about yourself - how long you have been in Calgary, what do you do here?
A: Sure! I was born and raised in Bahrain (Middle East). My parents are from Pakistan. I moved to Calgary in April 2014 to continue my studies. Currently I study at SAIT taking power engineering.

Q: How is it different from the place you were born at? What do you like about Calgary? What do you have in your home country and you miss it here? What would be cool to have here that you have at home?
A: I spot some differences between Calgary and Bahrain. For example traffic rules, night life and culture. Due to warm weather in Bahrain I never saw snow in my life. Therefore I like snow in Calgary, it’s amazing. I miss social life in Bahrain 'cuz there is not a lot of social life in here. In fact I don’t even know who are my neighbors till now.

Q: Do you have favorite places in Calgary?
A: Yes there are couple of places I like to be at in Calgary. Bespoke club is where I hangout with friends just because they have good hip-hop music. Also I like to visit Joey's restaurant, their herb salmon is delicious.

Q: We were shooting in downtown - do you like the core? What's great about it? 
A: Calgary's downtown no doubt is the best place to shoot. I liked all the locations where we had this photo shoot.

Q: What do you like in being a model? 
A: Being a model, I am able to express my mood, emotions on camera. Also fashion shows, shoots raise my confidence level . And to be known in public haha.

Enjoy a selection of the pictures from a portrait session.