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Engagement photos with dogs in the park

Engagement photos with dogs in the park

Have you seen photos from the engagement session with dogs in the park? No? What can be more exciting than this? We love dogs! We have a dog ourselves, a Jack-Russell named Kailey. We were totally on board with our wedding couple, Jenny and Cole, when they asked to include their furry kids into the engagement session.

The next step was to nail down a location for the photo session. We had discussed where guys want to have their engagement session done and turned out they love the Banff National Park. We were excited to get back to the park. We captured so many great love stories out there.

They chose to get to the Fenland Trail, which is at the border of Town of Banff, for the first part of the session. It's a secluded place that not many people know about, with huge trees and a beautiful bridge over the Forty Mile Creek. Guys liked this place and we spent some time out there photographing them with two lovely dogs.

After that, we moved to the Vermillion Lakes for the second part of the session. It's less than 5 minutes' drive from Fenland Trail. We found a place along the lakeshore with a perfect vista view. The clouds were moody and the wind was strong, but guys embraced the elements and we got some great pictures of just the two of them.

Enjoy a selection of the photos from this engagement session!

Engagement Photo in the Forest
Engaged Couple Walking Their Dogs
A Photo of a Couple Together in the Park
Engaged Couple Hugging on the Bridge
Engagement Ring Photo
A Photo of an Engaged Couple at Vermilion Lakes
Photo of the Dogs During Engagement Session
A Photo of a Couple With Dogs on the Bridge
Laughing During Engagement Session
Hugging and Smiling at the Lake
Engagement Photo at Vermilion Lakes
A Kissing Couple and Their Dogs
A Couple Kissing in the Park
Engaged Couple Standing on the Bridge
A Photo of a Couple Near the Lake
A Candid Moment During Engagement Session
An Environmental Portrait of a Dog in the Park
Dogs Watch Couple Kissing
Engaged Couple Walking on the Bridge
Kissing Couple Near the Lake
A Photo of a Kissing Couple at Vermilion Lakes

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