The 38 Photography
Bride and Groom Kissing at Rotary Park
Family Session at Edworthy Park
Bride and Groom Dancing
Canadian Flag in Canmore
Calgary Zoo Engagement Session
A Self Portrait near the Bust of Mr. Spok in Vulcan
Virginia Mitchel Park Street Sign in Vulcan
Star Trek sign on the Streets of the Town of Vulcan
Murals of all the Star Trek doctors in Vulcan
Vulcan Tourism Star Trek Station
Welcome to Vulcan Sign at the Starship Enterprise Monument.
A Monument of Star Trek Starship Enterprise in Vulcan
A Photo of a Bride and Groom Near the Pond
Having Good Time, Laughing and Running in the Field
A Kiss During Engagement Session at the Acreage
Groom-to-be Portrait Taken During Engagement Session
Portrait of a Couple During their Engagement Session
Summer Time Engagement Mini Session at the Acreage
Park Engagement Photo
Summer Engagement Session at Lake Minnewanka
Bride and groom walking in the park
A Girl and Her Dog on the Bridge
Groom and Bride with a Long Vail
A Street Sign with Star Trek theme in Vulcan
Welcome to Vulcan Star Trek Faces Wall
Selfie at the Star Trek Enterprise Monument in Vulcan
The Town of Vulcan Visitor Information and Gift Shop building.
Starship Enterprise FX6-1995-A sign in Vulcan
Live Long and Prosper Portrait at Starship Enterprise in Vulcan
Town of Vulcan Startrek Faces
Frolicking in the Field, Laughing and Having a Good Time
Having Good Time During Engagement Session
Joking and Laughing While Being Photographed
Acreage Engagement Session in Calgary
Portrait of the Engaged Couple at the Acreage
Delburne Wedding Silhouette Photo
Exploring Canmore During Spring
A Portrait of a Dog
Bride and Groom Walking near Calgary Central Library
A Facade of The Latinum Loonie is a Dollar Store in Vulcan
Star Trek Tourism Center entrance in Vulcan
A mural of Mr. Spoke at a local shop in Vulcan
Klingon Sign at the Starship Enterprise monument in Vulcan
Klingon Way Street Sign in Vulcan
A Photo of a Groom and Bride in Chinese Dress
Groom Getting Ready Before the Ceremony
A Formal Portrait Taken During Engagement Session
A Couple's Portrait at Their Acreage
Kissing a Bride-to-be at the Acreage
Guys Having Fun During their Engagement Session
Winter Outdoor Wedding Photos
Bride and groom walk along the river
Walking on Policeman’s Creek Boardwalk
Spring Canmore Landscape
Bride and Groom Walking near the Pond
Vulcan Lions Club sign near the Tourism Center
Star Trek Themed Wall Mural
Bust of Mr. Spock and Leonard Nimoy Hand Print
Dammit, Jim, I'm a Doctor and Not an Engineer
Starship Enterprise Street Lamps in Vulcan
Vulcan Starship Monument
Bride and Groom Portrait Session in the Field
A Laugh After a Kiss During Engagement Session
Bride-to-be Portrait Taken During Engagement Session
Portrait Session Kiss at the Acreage
Portrait of a Couple Having Fun During Their Session