The 38 Photography
Engagement Session at Pearce Estate Park
Sunset Kiss During Engagement Session In the Park
A Couple In Love in the at the Pearce Estate Park
A Portrait of a Couple at the Park
A Bird Photobombing Engagement Session
Bride and Groom Walking Down the Aisle
Bride and Groom Kiss in Cambridge Red Deer Hotel and Conference Centre
Bride and Groom Portrait in The Calgary Zoo
Warming Up at Lake Louise
Sunset at Lake Louise
Sunny Day Portrait at Lake Louise
A Portrait of a Girl on the Rock at Lake Louise
Jumping on the Rocks at Lake Louise
Walking at the Shore of the Lake
A Reflection of the Hikers
Mountain Reflection in the Lake
Strolling Along the Shore of the Lake
A Portrait at the Lake Louise
Taking Photos of the Lake during Spring
A Stroll Along the Shore of Lake Louise