The 38 Photography
Park Engagement Photo
Family Session at Edworthy Park
Walking on Policeman’s Creek Boardwalk
Bride and Groom Walking near the Pond
A Girl is Taking Photo of a Dog in Nose Hill Park
Walking Dog in Nose Hill Park
Nose Hill Park Lifestyle Photo
Engagement Ring Photo
A Photo of an Engaged Couple at Vermilion Lakes
Laughing During Engagement Session
Engagement Photo in the Forest
A Photo of a Couple Together in the Park
Engaged Couple Walking Their Dogs
A Laugh After a Kiss During Engagement Session
Bride-to-be Portrait Taken During Engagement Session
Portrait Session Kiss at the Acreage
Portrait of a Couple Having Fun During Their Session
Sunset Kiss During Engagement Session In the Park
Engagement Photos with a Dog
Engagement Photos Talking and Laughing
Engagement Photos Panorama of Calgary Downtown View
Bride and Groom Walking Down the Aisle
Walking at the Shore of the Lake
Taking Photos of the Lake during Spring
A View to Lake Louise from the Entrance
Walking on Bear Street in Town Of Banff
Jumping on the Rocks at Two Jack Lake
Walking at the Johnson Lake
Mountains Shot From a Bridge at Cascade Ponds
A Portrait at Cascade Ponds
A Girl Showing Her Ring During Engagement Session
Kissing Couple Engagement Photos in the Park
Mother of the Bride Portrait
Bride and her Mother Reading a Letter
Portrait of a Bridal Party
Groom is Looking at His Bride
Maid of Honor Getting Ready
The Bride Walking Down the Stairs
First Dance at The Wedding
Fall Engagement Photos at Two Jack Lake
Two Jack Lake Engagement Session Photos with Dogs
Bride and groom walk along the river
A Girl and Her Dog on the Bridge
Walking in the Field at Nose Hill Park
Spring Day Walk in the Nose Hill Park
Proposal at Nose Hill Calgary
Bride and Groom Portrait Session in the Field
A Candid Moment During Engagement Session
A Photo of a Couple Near the Lake
Engaged Couple Hugging on the Bridge
A Couple Kissing in the Park
A Kissing Couple and Their Dogs
Having Good Time, Laughing and Running in the Field
A Kiss During Engagement Session at the Acreage
Groom-to-be Portrait Taken During Engagement Session
Portrait of a Couple During their Engagement Session
Summer Time Engagement Mini Session at the Acreage
A Couple In Love in the at the Pearce Estate Park
Engagement Photos Smiling during Sunset
Engagement Photos Dancing in the Park
Sunset Engagement Photo of a Running Couple in the Park
Engagement Photos Summer in the Park
Sunny Day Portrait at Lake Louise
A Reflection of the Hikers
A Stroll Along the Shore of Lake Louise
Entrance to Lake Louise
Walk on the Streets of Town Of Banff
Another View for a Selfie at Two Jack Lake
Having Fun on the Bridge at Johnson Lake
A Mountain View from Cascade Ponds
Photographing Cascade Ponds
Wedding Ceremony at Gaetz Memorial United Church
Wedding Photos at First Baptist Church
Happy Mother of the Bride
Wedding Photos Under the Bridge
Bridesmaids are Having Fun During the Bride's Prep Time
Bride With a Tattooed Leg Getting Ready
Fish Creek Park Engagement Photos in the Classic Car
Two Jack Lake Summer Engagement Photos
Bride and Groom Dancing
A Portrait of a Dog
A Photo of a Girl and her Dog on a Filed in Nose Hill Park
Chilling in the field at Nose Hill Park.
A Photo of a Girl and her Dog at Nose Hill Park
Laughing at Nose Hill Park
Engagement Photo at Vermilion Lakes
Hugging and Smiling at the Lake
Engaged Couple Walking on the Bridge
Dogs Watch Couple Kissing
An Environmental Portrait of a Dog in the Park
Frolicking in the Field, Laughing and Having a Good Time
Having Good Time During Engagement Session
Joking and Laughing While Being Photographed
Acreage Engagement Session in Calgary
Portrait of the Engaged Couple at the Acreage
A Bird Photobombing Engagement Session
Engagement Photos of the Ring During Sunset
Engagement Photos Having Fun
Engagement Photos Calgary Downtown View
A Portrait of a Girl on the Rock at Lake Louise
Strolling Along the Shore of the Lake
Lifestyle Portrait of a Girl at Lake Louise
Entrance Sign to Town Of Banff
Wide Angle Portrait at Two Jack Lake
A Selfie at Two Jack Lake
A Portrait of a Girl on The Bridge
Cascade Ponds Bridge View
Sunny Day For a Picture of a Canadian Flag
Cascade Ponds Winter Engagement Session
After the Wedding Ceremony in Quarry Lake Park
Bride Riding on The Horse
Wedding Portraits at the Golf Course
Bride and Groom Portraits in the Car
Bride and Groom Winter Photos