The 38 Photography
A Self Portrait near the Bust of Mr. Spok in Vulcan
A Street Sign with Star Trek theme in Vulcan
A Facade of The Latinum Loonie is a Dollar Store in Vulcan
Vulcan Lions Club sign near the Tourism Center
Welcome to Vulcan Star Trek Faces Wall
Virginia Mitchel Park Street Sign in Vulcan
Star Trek Tourism Center entrance in Vulcan
Star Trek Themed Wall Mural
Selfie at the Star Trek Enterprise Monument in Vulcan
Star Trek sign on the Streets of the Town of Vulcan
Bust of Mr. Spock and Leonard Nimoy Hand Print
A mural of Mr. Spoke at a local shop in Vulcan
Murals of all the Star Trek doctors in Vulcan
Dammit, Jim, I'm a Doctor and Not an Engineer
The Town of Vulcan Visitor Information and Gift Shop building.
Vulcan Tourism Star Trek Station

Town of Vulcan Photos

The Town of Vulcan is known as the "Official Star Trek Capital of Canada." You can find a lot of places along Central street with Star Trek-themed murals and signs. Most famous are a statue of the original series Starship Enterprise, tourism center building made to look like a landed space station, a bust of Mr. Spock and mural of Star Trek doctors.

You can get there from Calgary by going south on highway 23. The Town of Vulcan is located 128 km from Calgary.

This page has a selection of photos captured at the Town of Vulcan, located in southern Alberta, Canada.