A Couple's First Dance at The Wedding

A Couple's First Dance at The Wedding

A unique moment captured a happy couple during their first dance at the wedding reception in Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.

First dances are always fun to photograph. Many couples take some dance classes before their wedding day, so they can do some complex moves during the wedding reception.

These guys just love to dance together. They told us their dance is going to surprise everyone. So we were waiting for something to happen.

Although guys told us that something unique is going to happen, this was a completely unscripted moment. We were in a position to capture first dance and guys were doing their moves on the floor. We positioned one of out flashes behind the couple with another at 45 degrees from the front and waited for the perfect moment.

We documented so many great moves from this first dance, but nothing can beat this last move guys gave us.

Location: 5225 Fairmont Resort Rd, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC V0B 1L1.

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