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Lisa and Peter

Intimate Wedding at The Pioneer on 8th Ave.

Wedding Slideshow

Winter weddings in Calgary are beautiful events when Chinook winds are hitting the city. All of a sudden, in the middle of January cold day, there's a glimpse of the spring with temperatures rising above 0C, and the sun is warming up the ground. That's the perfect time to go outside and get some wedding photos taken.

Lisa and Peter's wedding day was like that, a little chilly in the morning and with full sun blast and warm temperatures outside during the day. It was an intimate wedding event in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic closures when only immediate family and close friends could be at the ceremony. It was the perfect day for Lisa and Peter, filled with jokes, laughter, cozy ceremony, heartfelt speeches and just the right amount of dances - couple's first dance as husband and wife, and parents dances. The Pioneer on 8th Ave was a perfect venue that opened the doors just for them, so the couple and the guests had space and room to be present and be safe at the same time.

Peter's family was watching their son getting married with the help of modern technology. This cannot replace being present but, at least it's a solution in COVID times.

We have been with the guys from the beginning of the day till the end, documenting all the small and big moments of their day. It was a true honour for us to meet Lisa's parents and the couples' closest friends and photograph this intimate wedding.

Afterwards, we walked along Stephen Avenue, taking pictures of happy newlyweds, and finished the day in Rotary Park, watching the sun go down. Beautiful views of downtown, a gorgeous guardian lion and warm sun allowed us to take photos of Peter and Lisa and not get too cold in the process. The guys braved the weather as happy people do :) and even paraded along the alley without winter garments. Not for long, but we have the photos to prove it happened!

We have put together a slideshow with a selection of the photos from the wedding day. Turn your speakers on, sit comfortably and enjoy the story of Lisa and Peter's wedding day.

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